Minneapolis Modern Map Art
Our Love for Minneapolis

Two years ago our lives looked very different. Jacob and I were newlyweds living in small town Iowa experiencing some of the hardest circumstances life has dealt us thus far. We felt isolated in a community that prided itself in being incredibly tight-knit. As we processed, and prayed, and sought out opportunities that would provide hope, moving back to Minnesota,

All my 2016 Instagram photos in a Shutterfly book!
Instagram Highlights Shutterfly Book

It is no surprise I love Instagram. I share lots of photos, spend time interacting with different profiles, and find inspiration for other creatives on this social platform. Living in a digital age has many pros that we all benefit from, but too often we forget to actually print our photos out. I bring my camera everywhere, but all the photos

2016 One Second Everyday Project

And just like that, we are already hitting the ground running with 2017. Time is a funny thing. Small moments make up larger memories that contribute to the story of our lives. Slowly, but surely each of us change in subtle ways. We often don’t realize how small moments shape the trajectory of our lives until we look back. Hindsight is twenty-twenty,