New Around Here

Welcome to According to Laura Jean!

Hello one, hello all. I am so happy you have found yourself here. My name is Laura Jean, the creative behind According to Laura Jean. You likely guessed that based on the name. This space has been been around since January 2013 when I took a leap and started blogging regularly and seriously. Let’s get you caught up on all that you should know about me and According to Laura Jean.

Laura Jean’s Favorites

  • Minnesota – I grew up here, moved away for college and my first professional job and am back in one of America’s finest states.
  • Jacob Daniel Gilleland – My sweet husband and I have been friends since middle school and wed on June 7, 2014. Life is an adventure with him and I love everyday.
  • Being bald – As you can see, I am bald and I love it! I have Alopecia Universalis and I write about it from time to time. Read more about my journey with Alopecia here!
  • Hospitality – Inviting others into our home and making them feel welcome is one of my core values. I talk a lot about hosting and sharing life together. Don’t be fooled, I am an everyday woman with dishes in my sink and clothes on the floor, but there is something so special about opening our home to best friends, neighbors and strangers.
  • Chipotle – All is right in the world if I have a chicken burrito bowl with brown rice, hot salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese, lettuce and guac by my side.
  • Blogging – According to Laura Jean is a lifestyle blog born out of a desire for a positive online community. You will see posts about Beauty & Style, Blogging, Community, Everyday Living, House & Home, Outdoor Adventures and Recipes. Each post looks a little bit different, but the heart of this blog is to encourage living a simple and creative life while sharing real, authentic stories that inspire.

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