Collaborate with Lifestyle Blogger Laura Jean

To me, blogging is more than a personal diary or casual hobby. This passion of mine is a way to collaborate with others like YOU and creative positive spaces of influence on the internet. Advertising through According to Laura Jean is an opportunity to partner with one another.

Sidebar Advertising

In a blog world that is becoming increasingly complex, According to Laura Jean is here to make it simple. With a common ad space option, my goal is to give your blog or shop exposure in an affordable yet significant way. By joining the According to Laura Jean team, you will get your name in front of a large, engaged audience and gain meaningful exposure. This community is formed together – you and I. Now is your opportunity to get involved!

Brand Collaboration

In addition to advertising on the sidebar of According to Laura Jean, I offer personalized brand and small business collaborations to fit your goals and needs. The most successful advertising opportunities are created through an authentic and genuine buzz around your product or service. To begin the collaboration process, send me an email at

Please note: All pricing and advertising opportunities are subject to change as readership and following grows. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.