Our Love for Minneapolis

Our love for Minneapolis runs deep. This Minneapolis Modern Map Art print is a constant reminder for us to appreciate this season of life.

Two years ago our lives looked very different. Jacob and I were newlyweds living in small town Iowa experiencing some of the hardest circumstances life has dealt us thus far. We felt isolated in a community that prided itself in being incredibly tight-knit. As we processed, and prayed, and sought out opportunities that would provide hope, moving back to Minnesota, where we both grew up, was out of the picture. We both loved Minnesota, but we were so resistant to move back to what we felt was too normal. We were seeking new and fresh endeavors to redeem our hurting hearts.

Little did we know or expected, Minnesota had exactly what we needed. We packed up our first apartment, started new jobs overnight, and moved in with my in-laws as we considered what we wanted this new stage of our lives to look like. Our assumptions of Minnesota being boring and normal quickly turned into excitement for everything we had yet to discover in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis is now our home. We couldn’t imagine life any other way. Life, and time, and perspective is funny that way. We become so certain of what could not or should not be that our minds are blown when that exact thing comes to fruition. Minneapolis brought us the freshest of fresh starts. We regained hope, restored relationships, and reconsidered how we wanted our twenties to look like.

Minneapolis is home to us. We know the cross streets and we have connections at the local coffee shops. We are invested in a church community and we know how to parallel park on our one-way street. We adore our apartment and neighborhood. We have favorite walking routes and we know exactly which groceries to purchase from each grocery store. We know which side streets to bike on to avoid traffic and we frequent the same breweries and distilleries.

As much as Minneapolis is familiar to us, it is also fresh and new each day. There is so much more to explore, experience, and enjoy. We are rejuvenated by the diversity of people and thoughts. Learning about who we are and who are neighbors are is an ongoing process. There are people to meet, places to visit, and new things to try.

Our love for Minneapolis, and the fresh start it brought us nearly two years ago, runs deep. This Minneapolis Modern Map Art print is a constant reminder for us to appreciate this season of life. I love having it on display to proudly highlight our city – and the land of 10,000 lakes. Each of us have significant locations and places in our lives. Minneapolis is ours.

What is your favorite city or location? Check out Modern Map Art to find yours! 

Laura Jean
  • Love the map! So fun!

  • Megan

    I’ve been following you for ages on Instagram but I only just stopped by your blog. I love your design! I can’t wait to read more.