Ten Summer Date Ideas

Summer in the Midwest is simply the greatest. Not only do we experience the most beautiful weather, we also value it more, because we endure such long, cold winters. It is way too easy for me to pack every single summer night and weekend with exciting plans. Between camping, picnics in the park, celebrating weddings, eating out on patios or rooftops in the Twin Cities and going to local farmer’s markets, I like to stay busy with friends and experience everything summer has to offer.

With such busy summers, Jacob and I have to be intentional about making time for just the two of us. If we do not dedicate a few evenings a month to dates ahead of time, the weeks get away from us and time together becomes few and far between. We have come up with a list of ten summer date ideas that are relatively inexpensive and maximize the beautiful weather as much as possible.

Ten summer date ideas for you and your significant other that are inexpensive and makes the most of beautiful weather!

Picnic in the Park

One of our favorite ways soak up the warm weather and enjoy time together, is packing up a picnic and eating at a local park. It is a simple date that allows us to catch up on life, toss a frisbee around and people watch.

Drive In Movie

For some, drive in movies may be a thing of the past, but there are several theaters in our area that have survived and thrived. A drive in movie is a great way to cuddle up outside and enjoy a movie on the big screen.

Walk & Ice Cream

Going for a walk together is one of the easiest, yet most valuable dates in my mind. It provides an opportunity to chat about life, reconnect on our relationship and goals and get a little ice cream treat along the way. And boy do I love talking and ice cream!

Community Education Classes

Most communities provide a plethora of community education classes to continue to grow and learn. You can take a class on almost any topic you can imagine. Attending a class together and learning a new skill is a fun way to spend quality time together. Some of the classes that have my eye include learning how to bike in the city, give an excellent back massage (this one may be a bit selfish) and apartment gardening.

Explore Local Museums

Don’t be afraid to be a tourist in your own city! Local art, history and science museums are always changing out their exhibits and bringing in new spaces. Spend a Saturday morning or weeknight evening exploring museums and learning more with your love.

Go on a Hike

Okay, so maybe this one is a cross between going on a walk and having a picnic in the park, but going on a hike with Jake may just be my all time favorite summer date. Being out in nature is therapeutic and has a way of putting everything into perspective.

Community Concerts

Summertime in the Midwest screams community concerts in the park. I am not sure if this is just a Midwest thing, but it is the best ever. Free entertainment outside on a beautiful night with my husband – yes, please!

Brewery Patio Tour

Why eat and drink inside, when you can eat and drink outside? Make the most of the beautiful weather and tour the best breweries in your area based on their patio spaces. Grab a flight of beer or cider and rank your favorites with your significant other.

Try a New Meal

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new recipes since there is an abundance of fresh ingredients. Head to your local farmers market or grocery store and pick up ingredients to try making a new meal together.

Day Trips

It is amazing what opportunities there are within just a few hours of your home base. I can think of at least ten places I want to explore with Jake that would be perfect for a day trip. Hop in the car and head somewhere new – you never know what you will find!

What summer date ideas do you have? What are your favorite ways to spend time with your significant other or loved ones?

Laura Jean
  • Brewery Patio Tour – this sounds dreamy!

  • The walk and ice cream date is one of my husband’s and my favorites. 🙂

    • Yes!! It is great how fun, yet simple walks with husbands and ice cream treats can be.

  • nicholas3456

    As a young people i like this summer date post and i have a plan to try this one more. I hope i found more interesting in this date and can spend sometimes with my love.