Spring Bar Cart Style

Ideas for a unique spring bar cart style!

When we moved to our Twin Cities apartment, one of the things on my must-get list was a bar cart. I had been eyeing them on Pinterest for months and thinking of all the wonderful ways to make use of one, especially for entertaining. I lucked out with a gold bar cart from Target on super clearance after the holidays. It fits perfectly in our kitchen and provides both function and fashion. That’s the best combination, right?

In the few months we have had it, I have already transformed the look of it over and over again. What I love about having a neutral bar cart, is the ease it provides for changing up the style for each, gathering, season or mood. When we have guests over, I usually put the dessert, drinks or appetizers on the bar cart for extra counter space. It is also on wheels which makes it versatile to move from the kitchen to living room, if necessary. For everyday use it holds our wine glasses, tea, coffee and a few decorations.

With the recent change of seasons, I switched up our bar cart a bit to make it especially springy. Pastel flowers, a white tea candle and doilies scream spring to me and I am so excited to welcome this new season in. Each season is so unique and I am definitely known to embrace all of them in their full glory. It only made sense to transition my bar cart style to the new season as well. There are so many ways to make a house feel like a home and styling our bar cart for each season makes our place feel warm and welcoming.

Ideas for a unique spring bar cart style!Ideas for a unique spring bar cart style!Ideas for a unique spring bar cart style!Ideas for a unique spring bar cart style!Ideas for a unique spring bar cart style!Ideas for a unique spring bar cart style!

How do you style your home for each season? Do you have a bar cart? What would you add to your spring bar cart style?

Laura Jean
  • It is so cute! I love the fresh flowers!! One day I’ll have a bar cart of my own too! haha!!

    • Thanks, friend! The flowers actually happen to be my wedding bouquet haha! It took awhile for me to find the perfect one for my style and space. You’ll find it eventually!

      • Oh wow! They look totally fresh – are the fake or did they just dry perfectly?! haha! Wonderful!

        • They are definitely fake! But I love the way they turned out and having them around to still cherish!

  • Oh I love this! I want a bar cart, too! Maybe in our new house 🙂 I am also obsessed with paper straws!

    • Thank you!! Your Instagram comment for a full bar cart view actually inspired this post!

  • I love the look of bar carts! My husband and I looked for one for awhile, but we ended up getting a wine bar instead. It’s more practical for our space and for our needs. And by “needs,” I mean it holds my large quantity of wine and our growing collection of wine glasses plus souvenir drink glasses 😉

    • Ohh a wine bar sounds so fancy! Practicality is my number one need, especially living in a small apartment! Ha! I love wine too and my quantity has been growing, especially with summer around the corner!

  • So cute! I love the way you have it styled!