Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

Refresh your spring wardrobe with these simple tips costing little money and time!

Day light savings has passed and the first day of spring has arrived. Despite the back and forth weather we are receiving, I am convinced spring is right around the corner. Every year around this time of year, I have a desire to purge everything, simplify and deep clean. I think it comes with the fresh air and new beginnings. Over the past year, Jake and I have been working really hard to only buy and own things we truly love. This includes both of our wardrobes.

It feels really good to enjoy almost everything in my closet this time around and not have to do a major overhaul of clothing options. I’ve had the opportunity to explore and define my style and feel content with where I have landed. That being said, doing a refresh each spring is a great way to revisit what you love, what doesn’t fit anymore and identify small gaps you may have in your closet. Giving a refresh to your spring wardrobe does not require a huge purge, major shopping trip or large investment. There are small, easy ways to mix up your options and get excited for cute warm weather outfits!

Review What You Have

First things first, review what you already have. Sometimes I get in a routine of wearing the same pieces on repeat. Hello navy blue flannel and Target skinny jeans, I’m talking to you! Look through your closet at all your options and make a mental note, or physical list, of what you have. This will help you identify any pieces you may need to update or find for your spring and summer wardrobe. If you need to go shopping, it is always best to have an idea of what you are looking for instead of aimlessly wandering.

Mix Seasonal Pieces

One of the benefits of living in a location with distinct seasons is the wide range of staple pieces I have in my closet. Sweaters can easily be worn over a summery dress on a cool day while ankle boots can be mixed with all sorts of outfits. Before putting away my winter clothes till next year, I mix and match them throughout the spring with lighter pieces. I love mixing pieces across seasons to provide a larger variety of outfit options. This is a great way to stretch your wardrobe and make it go further!

Try Something New

In my book, the change of seasons always calls for trying something new. I am all about finding easy, simple ways to try something new in my wardrobe without a lot of commitment. My recent favorite way of trying new jewelry is with Rocksbox. After completing a style profile with my preferences, I am sent three pieces of jewelry to wear for however long I want. I can then buy them, swap them out for different pieces or return them. It’s like a trial run of trying something new and it is oh so simple. Also, for the love of snail mail, it is the best surprise to receive in the mail every once in awhile. I encourage you to give it a try for yourself, and because I love you, get a month free with the code accordingtolaurajeanxoxo.

Refresh your spring wardrobe with these simple tips costing little money and time!Refresh your spring wardrobe with these simple tips costing little money and time!Refresh your spring wardrobe with these simple tips costing little money and time!

What tips can you think of as you look to refresh your spring wardrobe? What style trends are you looking forward to this season?

Laura Jean
  • I love this so much! I’m adding pink to all my outfits even if it isn’t super warm yet!! 😉 yay spring!

    • YES!! I am not into pink, but my husband loves when I wear it, so I am slowly trying to introduce some pink into my wardrobe. Ha! Happy spring, Beth!

  • I have thrown so much out of my wardrobe this year. Looking forward to wearing lots of florals!

    • Starting fresh always feels good, especially with new seasons. And florals are my favorite!!

  • Spring is all about transitions. My floral skinny jeans keep me warm on chilly days while still being bright and happy. I wear a lot of 3/4-sleeved shirts over tank tops. I can always strip down to my tank if I get too hot. I’m also pretty much living in my thin billowy joggers that I bought last April. They keep me warm from any cold breezes, but the thin fabric keeps me from getting too hot.

    The only downside to this up and down weather is packing for a trip. I have an overstuffed suitcase to load into my car for a week at the beach. Last year I didn’t pack enough warm clothes (that’s when I bought my joggers!). This year I have temperamental weather AND a wedding to keep in mind, so way more clothes than I would usually pack for a week.

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