Instagramming on the Go

It is no surprise that Instagram is the favorite social media channel of many bloggers and creatives. For visual learners like myself, the beautifully curated images and everyday moments shared on this platform bring a lot of inspiration. Most of the time I snap photos for Instagram on the go and don’t necessarily have time to consider how it will fit into the general aesthetic of my Instagram collection.

For those of us who lead busy lives and enjoy capturing everyday moments, instagramming on the go takes practice and initiative. Whether you consider yourself an Instagram pro, newbie to the platform or somewhere in between, take these five tips for Instagramming on the go into consideration for consistently high quality photos.

For those of us who lead busy lives, take these five tips for Instagramming on the go into consideration for consistently high quality photos.

Know Your Instagram Style

If you have not done so already, I strongly suggest defining your overall Instagram style. Once you know and recognize the types of photos you like to share on your feed, you will be able to easily recognize what kinds of photos represent your feed well while on the go. If you like bright white photos, be on the lookout for white backdrops and visuals while running around town. Think about what types of images will represent your Instagram style well while out and about.

Clean Your iPhone Lens

This simple trick has changed my iPhone photography. Whenever you pull out your phone to take a photo, wipe off your lens. Make this is regular habit and your photos will turn out crisper and cleaner. I bring my DSLR with me almost everywhere, but also take lots of photos with my iPhone camera. Clean your lens and take care of it for both cameras.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is always important, but especially when you are on the go! Without natural light, your photos can easily turn out blurry or grainy. Try your best to make use of natural light while taking photos on the go otherwise you may be disappointed later. If you are outside, pay attention to which direction the light is coming from and adjust your subject accordingly. If you are indoors, look for a well lit area close to a window for the best natural light conditions.

Take Multiple Photos

The beauty of cameras and phones in this day and age is that we can take an unlimited amount of photos. There is no harm to taking multiple photos and choosing your favorite later on. It is better to have several options to choose from rather than one photo you are not happy with.

Tell a Story

Take photos that tell a story and convey a message. When you are on the go, it is especially important to think about the purpose and intent of each photo. My favorite images to share are taken sporadically and when I am out and about. They share about what I do from day to day, my community and my passions. Let your photos do the talking about your subject, location and scenery.

What are your best tips for taking Instagram photos on the go? How do you capture everyday moments while leading a busy life?

Laura Jean
  • great tips!! I love this! I always wipe off my phone lens!

    • More Instagram love!! It is a super simple tip that definitely makes a difference for phone photos.

  • I love that you mention sharing everyday moments! Those (especially all of your bright pics!) are my favorite on Insta 🙂

    • Everyday moments are my favorite! Don’t get me wrong, I share the occasional staged photo, but bright everyday photos are my jam.

  • These are such great tips! It’s definitely an art to learn to take Instagram photos on the go. Cleaning the lens is a game changer!

    • Thank you, Stacia! It does take practice and trying to get the best Instagram photos on the go. It makes for a fun challenge thought!