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Cute athletic outfit for exploring the outdoors!

Outfit Details: Yoga Pants (c/o) | Athletic Jacket | Tank Top | Chacos (similar) | Water Bottle

I have said it many times before, but my husband and I are not gym people. We have never had a gym membership and likely never will. Our idea of being healthy and staying active is found in everyday ways to stay in shape. We believe in balance, moderation and listening to our bodies well. I have seen too many friends kill themselves over special diets and strict workout regiments just to be completely devastated when they eat one cookie (#ilovecookies).

It is much more enjoyable, and natural, for us incorporate walks before or after work, plan well balanced meals and do yoga. Plus my work just started offering free yoga classes — yes please! Finding our own rhythms for staying active everyday, outside of the normal gym routines, took some patience and growth. If you are not a gym rat, we encourage you to take some of our ideas into consideration for staying active and healthy everyday.

Get Outside

With the weather warming up and day light savings behind us, it is the perfect opportunity to spend more time outside exploring creation and breathing fresh air. We find that almost everything related to exercise is more enjoyable outside. Get outside for bike riding, running, rollerblading, hiking or even a walk around the block.

Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways I can determine what sort of active lifestyle I am living is by how well I am staying hydrated. On days I drink several large water bottles, I feel like a million bucks. When I go a day or two without a water bottle nearby, my skin automatically dries up, I get headaches and my appetite changes. Developing a pattern for staying hydrated is a simple and holistic way of staying healthy.

Take the Long Way

We are those people who park far away in the grocery store parking lot or walk to the furthest bathroom at work. If you are a believer in 10,000+ steps a day, you know that every step counts. Walking just a little bit further in your daily routines gets a you up, about and around more with little to no effort.

Do What You Love

I hope this is self-explanatory, but seriously consider what you love doing. If you are not a fan of the gym, why go? If you hate running, why run? If you cannot stand spinach, why eat it? Yes, we believe in challenging ourselves and getting regular exercise, but what is the point of doing something you hate? It will only bring you down and give a negative connotation to leading a healthy lifestyle. Do what you love and don’t be afraid to try something new!

Cute athletic outfit for exploring the outdoors!Cute athletic outfit for exploring the outdoors!Cute athletic outfit for exploring the outdoors!Cute athletic outfit for exploring the outdoors!Cute athletic outfit for exploring the outdoors!Cute athletic outfit for exploring the outdoors!

How do you stay active everyday? What are your favorite ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your everyday life?

Laura Jean
  • love your outdoorsy life! And colorado is looking a lot like this – brown with some flecks of green! hahah #spring

    • Hahaha! All the brown and mud! We have had such amazing weather this spring, but I think the trees and ground are a bit confused by what is going on! I can’t wait for fresh buds and blooms!

  • Amen to taking the long way!

  • Thank you for this, Laura! I’m the same, people always ask me how I keep in shape & when I say I take the long way walking (stairs, elevator, side streets) & just stop eating when I’m full, it sounds too simple to them & they don’t believe it lol. I’ll forward those people to this post the next time someone asks me that question. You explain it much better than I do!

    • You are so welcome, Daisy! I totally agree that I get some strange looks when I share about my everyday healthy lifestyle. For those of us who are regularly healthy and active, it makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Great tips!! How do you do this in a state where (I’m assuming) it’s so cold?! Either way, I’m impressed. Also my dad always would park the minivan SUPER far away and we kids used to give him such a hard time about it (….ok, we still do 😉 ). But it is a really good trick!

    • Ha! That’s a great question and you are right, it does get very cold in Minnesota. We try our best to get outside in all seasons, it just looks different. In the winter we cross country ski, snowshoe and hike whereas in the warmer months we go for long walks and wear less layers haha! I love that your dad does that, my parents did the same! Must be a parent thing 🙂

      • Those sound like such fun winter activities!!